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Our Mission

As a leader of a nonprofit organization there is no one else in my life that fully understands the intricacies of leadership, the nonprofit world, and my spiritual walk all combined. MDI comes in and fills a niche that is incredibly needed, yet no one else is doing.

— Jana Ogg, Founder, Switchboard Missions, Uganda

Map highlight Uganda

Our Impact

At MDI, we empower leaders to impact the world.

Leaders are expected to be perfect. As such, they often have no one to turn to for personal advice and spiritual accountability, forcing them to be isolated within their own ministries. At MDI, God has placed a passion in our hearts to give leaders a safe place to talk.

MDI privately mentors and consults with leaders in areas of: leadership development, vision casting, strategic planning, conflict resolution, staff development, family counseling, and more.

We accomplish this all without charging any fees to the ministries we serve.

a graphic visualizing MDI's ripple effect on ministry

If it were not for the work of MDI, our ministry would not exist today. Our meetings with them are always a healing for us.

— Oleg Vasilevsky, Founder, Radooga Ministries, Ukraine

map highlighting Ukraine

Your Opportunity

At a time where there could have been chaos, MDI brought order. At a time where there could have been fear, MDI brought peace. And at a time where there could have been no direction, MDI brought a plan and God blessed those plans.

— Debbie French, Founder, Sweetwater House in Ghana

map highlighting Ghana