MDI Leadership & Values


Chris Stowers BIO

Chris Stowers


Heather Karls BIO

Heather Karls

Executive Director

Steve Lorenz BIO

Steve Lorenz

Co-Founder & Co-Director of Mentoring and Consulting

Marti Scudder BIO

Marti Scudder

Co-Founder & Co-Director of Mentoring and Consulting

Syndey Catlett BIO

Sydney Catlett

Events Coordinator

Dede Franz BIO

Dede Franz

Director of Outreach

Mentor/Consultant Team

Heather Karls BIO

Heather Karls

Senior Mentor

Steve Lorenz BIO

Steve Lorenz

Senior Mentor

Alisa Malone BIO

Alisa Malone

Senior Mentor

Marti Scudder BIO

Marti Scudder

Senior Mentor

Troy Waugh BIO

Troy Waugh

Senior Mentor

Woody Camp BIO

Woody Camp

William Chumchal BIO

William Chumchal

Craig Fry BIO

Craig Fry

Mark Karls BIO

Mark Karls

Don Klein BIO

Don Klein

Dan LaMore BIO

Dan LaMore

Wynn Lembright BIO

Wynn Lembright

Erica Mitchell BIO

Erica Mitchell

Paige Pitts BIO

Paige Pitts

Carolyn Riviere BIO

Carolyn Riviere

Eleanor Wells BIO

Eleanor Wells

Angie Gaw Wilson BIO

Angie Gaw Wilson

Our Board of Directors

Paul Sims, Chairman
Guided Solutions
Linda Burton
Jeremy Kelton
Deep River Development, LLC
Marti Scudder, Board Dev. Chair
Angie Gaw Wilson
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Gary Scudder, Secretary
Vanderbilt University
Woody Camp
Oldacre McDonald, LLC
Steve Lorenz
Chris Stowers
Andy Wilso, Treasurer
W Squared
Mia Davis
Nashville Premium Properties
Scott Revo, Fundraising Chair
Music City Youth Orchestra
Chris Wells, Finance Chair

Board Members Emeritus

Marvin Nischan
Phoebe Nischan
Betty Stadler
Jim Stadler

Our Core Values


MDI believes that God's transforming power in the life of a leader, transforms not only that leader, but also their family, their ministry, their culture and the World to His likeness.

Kingdom Impact

MDI believes in impacting the Kingdom by promoting the life transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God's Calling

MDI believes that God's calling is the basis of decision making.

Identify and Develop Strategic leaders

MDI believes in God's leading to identify and develop strategic leaders who have the potential to transform their cultures.

National leaders

MDI believes in working with national leaders because they speak the language, know the culture and are invested in their communities.

Investing in leaders

MDI believes in investing time, energy and resources in leaders to develop them to their fullest potential.

Long Term Vision

MDI believes that strategic planning and long-term vision are essential to sustaining growth in ministry.

Safe Place

MDI believes that every leader needs a safe place to turn for personal advice and spiritual accountability. Without such, leaders often become isolated within their own ministries.